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A Huge Thank You Winston & Sylvie

Winston & Sylvie, I am totally overwhelmed by your kindness and generosity both truly are Christmas Angels.

The cross-stitch pics of the boys are so beautiful and the box is filled with so many toys and treats.

We picked up this huge box from the post office yesterday afternoon but it was too dark in the house to take pics and I know how demanding everyone here is so I held off until this morning. I put the dogs outside so they wouldn't get all excited again and went to take the pics but the batteries were dead. Luckily, I had some on hand but being the dork that I am, I didn't know you couldn't use two different brands so couldn't get the camera to work until I finally decided to try using two the same. By this time, Ziggy was trying to get the feather toy out of the box so I put him in the bedroom and finally got the pics taken.

And, not only did the fuzzbutts get spoiled but I did as well, as there was also a photo mousepad with a pic of the boys from last xmas and a 4GB flash drive in the box ......again, thank you both so very much.
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