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EmeryCat board for cats to keep their nails clipped

Last week I was watching TLC and there was an advertisement for a scratching board that looked really interesting. It is called EmeryCat. I went to their website and ordered one. The ad said that if you ordered one for $29.95 + $7.95 shipping you would get a second one for free as long as I paid a $7.95 shipping charge.

With 4 cats who love to tear up the furniture I decided to order one. The two boards arrived today along with 3 replacement boards I ordered during the ordering process for $14.95 + shipping.

They each came with a bag of catnip, what looks like a good quality cat slicker and a fluffy toy on a post to put into a hole on the board.

The plastic frame is raised like a bridge and the insert is stiff cardboard that has one side coated with a substance like an emery board.

I set both of them up and the cats headed straight for it and started to scratch immediately. I had shaken the catnip into the holes in the board, as directed. They have been back to it a couple of times to scratch. The board appears to be holding together and hasn't shown any sign of wear...yet.

I expect it will take a few uses before I see whether it keeps their nails shorter and not as sharp.

I will keep everyone posted on how it works and whether it falls apart in a short time but I thought it was worth spending the money to see if it works. None of my cats are very impressed with having their nails clipped so if it works, it will be great.
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