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Sharstevie, the pond is approximately 4,000 gallons. I had lost all my previous koi last winter, I had to shut the pumps down because of a leak and didn't have large enough air holes in to gas off the pond, so totally my fault.
This pond has been up and running for 3 years now. Previously I had a smaller, approximately 1500 gallon pond and before that one that was around 500 gallons.

I bought 7 new koi this past April so I wasn't expecting baby koi this year. The only female I have (or know I have) at the moment has spawned numerous times since spring. I prefer not to keep more than 10 koi in this pond. They get very large and need a minimum of 250 gallons per koi, preferred stocking level is 500 gallons per koi. So I can keep 3 of these babies, but I too will have to rehome a bunch next spring.

I have at the moment 3 large babies, approximatley 3-4" now, and another 2 smaller, 2-3" and at least another 5 or 6 at 1-2". More I haven't seen yet I'm sure.

A few pics of the pond and koi attached. The first two are from last year, the last is this year after DH replaced the stone walls with cedar.

As for rehoming your koi, it's easier to rehome in the spring. If you contact a local dealer, they may take them, or you could try a local pond club and see if there are members who would like them.

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