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Originally Posted by 14+kitties View Post
So beautiful! I love watching fish grabbing their food. Koi food is a little expensive too, isn't it?
Depends on the food you buy. Now I figure that since these guys only get to eat max 6 months of the year in this climate, then they should get fed a high quality diet, and the whole pet food scare thing a while back made me pay a lot closer attention to the koi food too, so no products with gluten for my guys either. They get a mixture of 3 types of pellets and freeze dried shrimp and meal worms. The koi food usually runs me between $80 - $130 per 2.5 - 5k bag. Koi are supposed to enjoy fruit and veggies too, but I've never had luck with that. May try some watermelon and grapefruit on these guys this weekend and see if they like it. All the plant material in the pond and the algae gives them their fix of greens when they want them. At least the algae is free.

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