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Originally Posted by MissPurryJess View Post
I'll write more later, but I wanted to give you the details from Daisy's urinalysis. *not sure what "HPF" means, but I'm including it anyway*
For some reason I totally missed this post the other day!

HPF refers to a value per "high power field", often the maximum magnification of the microscope.

Originally Posted by MissPurryJess View Post
Appearance: cloudy Would be better if it was clear or slightly cloudy, but since this is a subjective evaluation by whoever is analyzing the urine, I wouldn't worry about it too much.
Specific gravity: 1.036 This is a wonderful and perfectly normal USG for a cat. In fact it's actually on the slightly dilute side of things rather than being too concentrated. I'm thinking the vet is getting cats and dogs mixed up.
pH: 7.5 Ideal would be 6.0-6.5, but it does tend to fluctuate. Would be nice to get more pH tests at different times of the day.
Protein: 1+
Glucose: negative
Ketone: negative
Bilirubin: negative
Blood: 1+
WBC: 2-3 HPF
RBC: 2-3 HPF
Casts: none seen LPF
Struvite: 2-3 HPF
Amorphous Phosphate: 2-3 HPF
Bacteria: none seen HPF
Squamous epithelia: 2-3 HPF Do you know for sure how they got the urine sample? Was it via cystocentisis or did they express Daisy's bladder? Squamous epithelia cells aren't usually seen if acquired via cysto.
Everything else seems normal to me. Here's a great link explaining in extraordinary detail the aspects of a urinalysis:

And this one is a little more "understandable":

Originally Posted by MissPurryJess View Post
Her next comment talks about her phone conversation with me - one bit says, "reluctant to use Rx diet but may if we strongly recommend".

WTF?! Grrrr. I guess me adamantly saying, "I'm not using it" left some room in her mind for negotiation.
Oh HILARIOUS!!!! That's awesome.

Gotta go feed my kitties but I'll try to respond to your other post sometime this weekend.
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