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Cat with IBD, constipation and UTI

A little background on my cat, he's just turned 15 years old. From 1-12 he had no issues aside from a hyperthyroid (we sent him for radioactive iodine and he fully recovered).
In the last 3 years we started him on Hill's prescription diet K/D as a precaution for his kidney's as the vet mentioned his kidney function was starting to decline with the older age.
He hated the food but we spoon fed him in hopes he would take to it, within a 3-4 months he was having issues pooping. We had to take him to the clinic to help him remove the poop.
At first we thought it was constipation a reaction to the food, then later on after a series of vet visits and tests they found he had developed IBD. He was prescribed antibiotics and prednisone. Now he got worse after this, he wasn't eating and he had dropped from 15lbs to 9, the medication was making him queasy so the animal hospital prescribed him some medication that would increase his hunger.
Finally after all his antibiotics were gone, and his prednisone medication reduced, he started eating a little on his own again.
It's been 3 years since he was diagnosed with IBD, and placed on prednisone.
Today he's still taking prednisone 2.5mg every 4th day for IBD.
Because he's still having issues pooping on his own (he gets constipated and we have to take him to the vet regularly for an anema.
We give him lactulose twice a day 2ml, and cisapride twice a day 2.5mg each to help strengthen his colon
Because he's still not eating enough wet food and drinking enough we also give him an IV of subcutaneous fluid once a day (100ml)
For his food we currently spoon feed him Hills GI biome, and if he's up for it in the mornings he'll rarely eat a can of fancy feast.
We often have to take him to the vet because his colon is enlarged and he has trouble pooping, and recently he's been peeing blood as well because he gets UTI infections often this last year so we've been taking him to the vet to flush the infection out (apparently there's no medication for this type of bacteria)
Ever since IBD he's been having all these additional complications, and it's been getting worse.
I've been scouring these boards and trying to research as much as I can about IBD, and possible ways to treat it. I've seen that changing diet has the most impact, and a holistic vet could possibly make a world of difference too.
I've tried switching my cat to different types of food that would help IBD but he's notoriously picky.
I'm looking for guidance, should I look for a holistic vet first? Will a holistic vet help me with a gradual transition from traditional western medication?
What are some places or things I can do to try and find a reputable holistic vet in my area?
I love my vet they've always taken good care of my cat, but I think the treatments are really only holding his current symptoms at bay.
Sorry for the long Ramble!
Thanks for any advice you could give!
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