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Cinnamon Girl is a Red Lynx Point Colorpoint Shorthair. Colorpoint Shorthairs were Siamese hybridized with domestic shorthairs to produce a Siamese body type with other point colours other than the Seal, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac that are the accepted Siamese colors according to the Cat Fanciers Assoc. Lynx point=tabby markings in the color extremities. As for prediction of colours in the kittens, the pointed pattern is recessive, so unless the father also is carrying it, likely all the kittens will be solid coloured, then it would look like an Oriental Shorthair (that's a Siamese body type with solid colours, e.g. black), and if the father is longhair (another recessive gene) and Cinnamon Girl carries it there may be kittens that look something like a Balinese=longhair Siamese or Javanese=longhair Colorpoint Shorthair. Are you still with me?

As for the "crossed eyes", a lot of older type apple-head Siamese had crossed eyes, but breeders have been trying to breed out this look, as it's considered a "fault" and would be penalized by the judge in the show ring.
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