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Advice wanted about introducing our dogs to a Bluetick Coonhound

Hello! Our family is looking to adopt a male Bluetick Coonhound from a local shelter. He has been wonderful but now it's time for him to meet our dogs.

I was hoping someone out there is an experienced Bluetick Coonhound owner who could help up with some tips, specific to his breed, to help with introductions. The shelter has told us that he got a bit aggressive with another male dog his own size but has been fine with smaller dogs. We have a 75lb. female Black Lab named Luna and an 8lb. male Pomeranian named Koti.

I've read as much as I can about the breed and learned they enjoy the company of other dogs as well as their humans but introductions can sometimes be difficult.

Please help with any advice you can as the poor boy is so depressed with his shelter life. He has been there since October last year and is now refusing to eat We really want it to work out so we can get him home, happy, and healthy!

Thanks in advance!

This is him
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