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Thanks Growler, your input is always appreciated.

I'll put a call into the vet tomorrow morning.

I heard if you wash the cats with Dawn dish soap it's safe and will kill
the fleas. I guess I'll have to do that with Sampson a few times if he
can't be treated.

I haven't had fleas in many years. My babies are indoor only and the
dogs I work with are flea treated. I suspect we got them from me helping
the landlady move a mattress a few weeks back. I found out days later it
was moved because the unit it came from had fleas.

Have you or anyone else here had any experience with diatomaceous earth?
It's supposed to be a safe treatment for furniture and carpeting. My vacuum isn't very strong and I can't afford someone to come in and clean.

Still haven't seen any poop on the kitties. They sure are biting me though!
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