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A silly thread/response

my daughter rescues guinea pigs but took in 3 rats that were being offered as snake food, one hairless, one dumbo and one regular, all females, she has her plate full with her guinea pigs and 8 month old son so decided to try to find a good home for two of the rats, the dumbo and the regular one , same as she does with the guinea pigs once they are health checked etc. so we get a reply from a man saying his wife loves her rats, takes them out to cuddle etc (we posted "not to be used as snake food") this couple seemed ideal, but something about his name bothered me so I googled his email, came up with multiple ads for snakes he raises and sells *L* so I called his phone number to speak to his wife. She bragged about how tame her 5 female rats are and that the male is not hand trained, went on about how smart they are etc. So I asked her why she wanted 2 more if she had 6 already, her reply? Well is hard to buy pinkie rats for the snakes so we use the females for breeding but we wouldn't feed my rats to them, just their babies!!!

Oh now theres a perfect home for these two female rats!!!! thank god they'll go to a good loving home................NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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