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I've been concerned about fish food since the other pet food recalls. A lot of them contain wheat gluten. From what I've been able to find out it doesn't pose as great a danger to the fish themselves, unlike cats and dogs, fish don't have the same type of digestive system. However, I don't see how it couldn't hurt them, I would think cancer would be an issue regardless, if fish farm fish aren't fit for human consumption, then they are retaining it in their boddies, can't be healthy for them. Another big concern is if it's melamine artificially enhancing the protein levels of the food, then you're not really feeding the fish the protein levels they need to grow properly. So now I'm really being careful with the koi food for the pond fish and my indoor tank of goldies. They're getting a lot more shrimp and krill than they used to....they're mighty happy about it too. I have found that the round pellets are usually a little better than the food sticks when it comes to not containing wheat gluten.

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