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Thank you Dr. Lee for the information. Since my last post, I have spoken to my mom and she has told me that my cat is doing much better....more like his old self. He is now coming out of hiding, rubbing against their legs and meowing. She said that he is drinking his water and eating and using his litterbox. So it seems like he is getting back to his old self.

I don't think a follow up urinalysis was done. Yes an ultrasound was performed and that is where they saw the cells. They said that his bladder wall was thickened and that there were transition cells in the bladder. The first thing they did when we took him in was check his blood and urine and nothing was found in either of those.

Because he is starting to be back to his normal self, could it be that the medication is helping with whatever was wrong with him? Could it be that the transistion cells found are not harmful?

Thank you so much.
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