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My aunt feeds the local feral cat population at a garden centre called Buelow's (sp?). When a cat/cats end up being tame enough to come around. She catches them, takes them to the vet for a check up, spay or netuer if need be and takes them home to give them a better life. She has about 7 cats right now. If Checkers ended up somewhere around there, and she acted friendly she may have ended up at my aunts house. (She would never take a cat that she knew was someone's pet though---intentionally) If she have gotten dirty or something. She even keeps a bag of cat food in her trunk to feed cats she sees when she drives. She is not from Oakville though

It may be worth your while to take a drive over there with a flier or two to see if anyone has seen her. Actually the garden centre I go to has lots of cats, maybe check the other ones too

I hope you find her though
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