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Exclamation Brampton circus protest & info

I hope people will not attend this circus. It is NOT educational as it’s a really bad example of how to treat and respect animals. Circuses with animals generally lose money compared to ones with human performers. They present such a public safety risk I don’t know how cities cover the liability insurance or if they know how inadequate the emergency plans really are!

"...when potentially dangerous wild animals are deprived of their basic biological and behavioural needs, when they are confined and when they are beaten, eventually, ...they will “misfire.” Add to the mix an auditorium full of people and someone is going to could hurt. It’s common sense. Accidents, injuries and deaths will happen - sooner or later - guaranteed."
An Assessment of the Human Safety Risks Associated
With Wild Performing Animals in Circuses”

Report: “The Sad State of Captive Elephants in Canada”

One of the two owners of Bowmanville Zoo, Michael
Hackenberger, has been publicly accused on several
occasions of mistreating elephants. For example, in 2002,
a Winnipeg Humane Society media release indicated that
Hackenberger had flown to Winnipeg to discipline an
elephant that he had loaned to the Assinibioine Park Zoo.
The elephant, Limba, had attacked a keeper at the zoo, so,
according to the release, “Limba’s owner flew into
Winnipeg from his home in Ontario following the attack,
purchased a whip and electric pod at a local livestock
supply company and beat the elephant as a reprisal for the

For those interested in protesting:

Facebook event, "Circuses are NO FUN for animals"

This circus event is being held over 3 days (Feb 24,25,26th) ....see link below for the advertisement & "preview" of the animals used.

... The animals & people in the show are from the Bowmanville Zoo .

They rent out animals to anyone with the cash.

Not only is this event cruelty to the animals, it has the potential for being very dangerous to the public.

The organizers failed to get the proper permits from the city (which was only brought to light by our AR people) .That is why the show was postponed to this weekend. This shows their total disregard for the safety of people attending. $$$$ is the bottom line here.

***Please check this event page prior to attending the protest. If they fail to get the permits again we will cancel it**

This show features big cats (Panther, Lynx, Lion), zebra, bison, camels, horses, primate & a rather sad Asian elephant.

This animal exploitation must stop!!! I truly believe most people just need to be educated on this matter.

This protest will be law abiding (on the sidewalk with signs, leaflets &
educational info for those who wish to know.) PLEASE make up your own signs (I have a few) . I am hoping to get leaflets from Zoocheck.

Here are some links....please have a look to know what you are dealing with.
(this zoocheck link has good printable material for handing out...please feel free to bring some)

I am sorry this is somewhat last minute & not very well organized but we had no idea this was happening until 2 days before the original event date. PLEASE share on your pages & get as many people out as possible.
There are many shows on Saturday & Sunday, if anyone wishes to protest at other times please feel free to organize something. I am only able to come on Saturday 12 noon (for the 1pm show).
Do not park on their looks like an industrial area (this is in a go cart place) so there should be lots of parking down the street.

Thank you !!!!

**I just called the phone number for clarification on the is at 79 Bramsteele Rd in Brampton (hwy 407 & 410 area) it is NOT in a mosque but is being held in a go cart arena****
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