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please give me a clear answer on this issue

hi everyone,

i came across this thread and instantly decided to join the forum mainly so i can ask this question:

if a female cat that has already gone through many heat cycles gets spayed, would that surely prevent her from going into more cycles afterwards or not?

some background info:

i am in damascus syria and used to run a small shelter before the war intensified, now i still take care of around a dozen cats, and of course one of the main issues i deal with is female cats going into heat and it is a much bigger problem for me now than it was back when i had a shelter because now i am in a residential area and the noise causes me major problems with neighbors.

every vet i asked here has told me that if a cat is spayed after it reaches sexual maturity, then the heat cycles won't stop but of course the cat will not get pregnant, and that has been my experience with several spayed female cats, and it lasts for way more than 4 days, i mean currently one of the cats named nunu who was spayed is in heat for the past 15 days and it will last for at least 15 more, the undesirable solution here has always been to give them a hormone injection that within 2 days ends the cycle and its effect lasts for about 5 or 6 months, i don't recall the name of the injection right now and the vet is out of town.

it is paramount that i get a decisive answer on this, could it be that the vets are only removing only the uterus and not the ovaries? is that what is going on? could be animal specific?

i would be shocked if problem could be remedied by doing the surgery differently because the cost and health risk of the injections and the disturbance and stress and the occasional running away of cats due to the heat cycles has all had a huge negative impact on me and the poor animals.

thanks u all so much.
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