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soothe the cat

now i know many of you may think that this is a little unorthodox but it does work. My cats go into heat the same time but a week apart usually, so what do I do? well the cat want to get layed and thats why she keeps moaning and being lovable so i give her what she wants. I usually do one of two things I either rub the under side of her thighs while holding her by the scruff (like a male would do) and the howling will get louder, but when she starts to squirm i let her lose and she will wriggle on the floor like a worm and then take off, in silence for an hour or so.

The other option i do if it gets really bad, is i take a qtip and same hold her scruff with one hand and rub her with the qtip around her v with the other, until she wants free and same takes off this time for about two hours in silence. It really does work, but not many people think its right. All i am doing is basically doing what she cant, unlike us humans . I would never insert anything into my cat though only external rubbing to make sure I dont harm her
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