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Originally Posted by Dog Dancer View Post
Have to agree with Soundy, Carmy did look like she was saying AAHHHHHH.
Soundy great pics at White Rock, where on the beach did you go? Last time I was down there I got in hell for having my dogs out of the car pretty much, they don't even let you walk on the sidewalks with them let alone get near the beach! (This wasn't even in the summer, but off season.) You must have been well off the beaten path. Haven't gone back down there in years now for that reason alone sadly. Well that and now that we've left Richmond it's a lot farther out.
We go to what's generally known as "East Beach", on the SFN lands, so the city bylaw weenies have no control. There's a gravel parking lot behind the WAG, it's $6 for all day parking (vs. $3/hr. on the street) and when it's busy they actually have attendants making sure people park properly (bring cash though!). At low tide, you've got probably a quarter-mile of sand and tidal pools before you hit the ocean, and the little guys really seem to prefer running on the soft sand.

Map here:

As for "far"... hey, we're coming from Pitt Meadows - it's an easy half-hour drive via the Golden Ears Bridge, straight down 176th to 8th, and a quick jaunt over - the WAG is the first thing when you come out of the wooded areas, before you have to make your way along the beachfront crawl.
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