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Hello, all...just wanted to let you know that Miss Maya is back on her normal food. I tried the gradual transition idea, because that was what I figured would work, too, but for such a ditzy cat she's pretty shrewd when it comes to "training" her mom...she would eat around it, or I would put the wet food down for a while then put it away and try to ignore her when she meowed at me...but she knew I would only let her cry for so long before I'd put the wet food back again.

Trouble was, she wanted to do the canned food the way she does her dry food...nibble a little, then go watch birds or play with a toy or sit on my chest...and then go nibble some more. This did not sit well with either me or Chaco, who was getting tired of getting locked in my office every time Maya wanted a nibble. And if I put Maya in a separate room, she would nibble a little and then begin to holler again.

So when she began to really put her nose in her regular food and hunker down like she was going to eat it, I put the canned food away for good. That was three days ago and she's eating, has her energy back, seems to be my old Maya again. She's still a little thin, but I figure she'll gain that back too.

Sooo...thank you for your help and your support! I can't describe how happy I am that Maya is better...but I know you guys understand.

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