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Originally Posted by Mia101 View Post
OK but if her kidneys are not damaged, the phospherous does not matter? That is what I am confused on.

She might not have been drinking enough before - she would not use the fountain and drank from the tap. I didn't like to let her, but thought it's better to let her drink any way she would.

Creatinine level = 1.7 norm .8-2.3
Since the vet has already indicated, as shown on the bloodwork, she has elevated kidney enzymes, reducing the amount of phosphorus in the food now will reduce the amount of work the kidneys have to do in order to process & eliminate phos from the body.

Because the BUN is already high and the creatinine is more than half of normal, she's lost almost a pound of weight in the last couple of years, she's a senior at 18 years old and you have noticed her peeing more, it is a good idea not to put any more strain on the kidneys that may cause faster deterioration of their function. Feeding low phos right now will not prevent kidney failure but it will slow the progression of kidney disease & make less of an impact on the kidneys. She may not have damaged kidneys right now but there is a high chance she has pre-renal atozemia ~ damage in the area of the tubes that feed into the kidneys, when this disease progresses farther it becomes kidney failure.

Her BUN is high, her MCHC is high, her creatinine is on the high side of normal ---- right now this indicates she's dehydrated - not getting enough water to compensate for the amount she is peeing out.

If BUN or urea levels are high yet creatinine is normal or only a little elevated, it usually means that the cat is dehydrated, has gastro-intestinal bleeding, or is eating a high protein diet.
Originally Posted by Mia101 View Post
Now she must be drinking enough - maybe too much - with me making all this 'gravy'. so her levels might return to normal?
Adding 4 oz of water to her food is not enough to flush out toxins in the bloodstream, certainly not enough to reverse dehydration.

On a body weight basis a healthy cat with no medical indications at 6.12 pounds is recommended to be drinking between 5.14oz-6.56oz of water per day.

A cat with any indications of kidney disease needs more water than that per day to help combat dehydration, flush the system and replace the water lost through increased urination.

Originally Posted by Mia101 View Post
My store only has chicken, turkey, chicken & beef, and chicken & herring.

In the past she didn't like the chicken or turkey enough to eat everyday. But we will see.
You don't have to feed only 1 flavour day after day, rotate through the 3 different flavours.

Originally Posted by Mia101 View Post
I meant all that I'm adding to each feeding. She doesn't eat even 1/3 of a 5.5 oz can at a time, and I add water to each meal. I'm wondering if I am 'focing' more than she needs because it tastes good.

weight - she has normally been 7 pounds her whole life - I think once or twice she read at 8p. The last reading was 6.12
Does she finish all the food in her dish per meal?

How much of the can(s) is she eating per day?
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