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St-Bernard looking for new family

In Quebec , my foster Ma Belle is looking for her forever family. I will not post the petfinder link as the profile has to be change. Ma Belle is a 3 yr old blind St-Bernard. She was used to be kept outdoors and slept in a barn at night. But she has now tasted the comfort of a home and doesn't want to live outside anymore. She's on the petite side , I would say about 100 lbs. Although she's blind , sometimes I completely forget about it , she has gotten use to her surroundings pretty fast , it's actually amazing to see her , she even gets the zoomies outside !!! She didn't like my dogs too much but , she had so many changes in her life and meeting 4 dogs in the same day was probably too much for her. She was use to the other dogs with who she lived. I think it would be good for her to live with one dog and to have a big fenced yard. She's very affectionate and she amazes me everyday. Please spread the word , she needs all the help she can get ! For more info pm me.
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