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Well, here's the update - yet again..

Looks like the vet missed a heart murmer the first time, but definitely caught it today - he's got some fluid in his heart and a touch of bronchitis as well, which is causing the coughing.. We've got him on heart meds and others to decrease the fluids.. plus he's sticking to the antibiotics as well - I'm going to monitor his eating to see if the heart meds make him want to chow down - if not, the vet and i agreed that he should come off the antibiotics - we don't need to throw fatty liver into the mix.

The cost is rising, but there is of course no price on my Jake and I want him to get better.. I don't appreciate some of the sneaking costs though - for example, he needed xrays, which was fine, but they said the technicians were backed up for a while, so it would take them a couple of hours to get it done. I left him there at 9 AM and came back at noon, and they charged me a $50 boarding fee for those hours. I wasn't impressed with that. Plus I asked if I could return some of his completely unused medicine that he was misdiagnosed with, and they looked at me like I was nuts.. Not cool.

Oh well, we'll see what this new day will bring..
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