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So....we are back from the Vet and of course, she couldn't find anything wrong with Buster. She checked him over from head to toe (or nose to tail???) and everything is good! The only thing she mentioned was that since he is a nervous dog to start with, it could just be reflux during the night. She gave me a prescription for Sucralfate, to be taken once a night over the next two weeks. It will coat his stomach and should help. He could be starting an ulcer so if this is the case, the meds will help.

We talked about changing his food and she said to wait and see if the meds help. She is a real advocate of home cooking for dogs but did stress that it is a huge commitment. She could order all the supplements and vitamins but I am not sure I want to go that way. She recommended that if I change foods, I go with no grain, no chicken. So.....once everything has settled for Buster I will seriously look into changing foods for both boys.

And she also said........I am a worry-wart!!!! (she wishes more people were like me! )

Buster is now sleeping in his crate, the visit always tires him out!
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