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Try making him stay on a mat or towel with the bone. Also, and this is just me, I would never leave my dog alone with a bone unattended. Hell, I won't leave him alone with a squeaky toy. A nylabone and black kong is all he gets when hes along, and those are closely monitored. Id just be very careful with that.

As for cooking it..again, I'm against giving cooked bones to pups. That includes smoked.

Originally Posted by PetFriendly View Post
Given Charley's small size, I'm not over concerned with him cracking a piece off of an overly brittle bone. I am concerned with the idea that store bought ones may cause digestive problems. (nothing worse than a puppy with a sick tummy, especially at 3 am when its -20!)

I wonder if I could somehow cook/bake/boil the fresh ones to kill off the e-coli?! I'll have to ask around. I do offer him marrow bones, which I try very hard to put back in the freezer once he's done chewing, but occasionally he'll stash it under the couch or something and it gets forgotten for a few hours or a day or so... Hence the appeal of the smoked store bought ones. I guess I'll just have to replicate them at home somehow. If/when I figure it out, I'll come back and let you all know.
Please please please give Maggie the steak! Its not too big for her little mouth!

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