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Originally Posted by hedgiemama View Post
its for my hedgie. they eat cat kibble and they need high protein and low fat. I am crrently feeding Fromm, the chicken kind.
Okay, gotcha. Seeing as I know absolutely nothing about hedgehog diets, take whatever I say with a grain of salt. There is a list showing the protein/fat/carb breakdown of various cat kibbles (it's not all-inclusive though - Fromm isn't on there) but I can't say whether any of the actual ingredients in these foods are appropriate for hedgies (IMO, food should be about more than just the "numbers"):

Based on a quick look at that chart, Royal Canin Calorie Control 38 Protein has the biggest protein to fat ratio. Looking at the Royal Canin website, though, there may be a couple other newer foods with even more protein, like the Indoor Light 40 and the Selective 40 Protein Preference.

But again, I have no idea if the poor quality ingredients of these foods (like rice hulls, gluten, beet pulp, etc) are something to take into consideration.
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