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It's not worms, I would have seem that. Could it be a different parasite? I'm afraid the one thing I have learned about Arizona if that no ones gonna give credit, especially a vet. This is a horrible place to live. I know blood test, I was hoping someone could give me some specific ones to ask for to look for diabetics, kidney or something like that. As it is now it has to wait through the week end. Any ideas on food to keep down between now and then? I gave him some milk...

I should add. He has always eaten a lot. He howls at night to make us get up and feed him. We lived in Mexico for a year two and a half years ago and because of what I had to feed the dogs there, Char got used to wet food. I feed him fancy feast and meow mix. I mix them together. He goes through 4 cans a day. I know it's not the best food but between the dogs who eat Wellness wet mixed with Grain Free Simply Nourish, I spend a ton on pet food... I will check back a little later... thanks in advance.

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