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Hello Kitty losing weight and just started throwing up

These things always happen at the worst times I'm currently not working neither is my husband very worried about my cat. Char was always very happy and quite fat. We are from Washington state and he always liked to eat birds and mice, was always bringing them in the house. We move to Arizona, been here about 3 years now and don't have a vet. Recently I've noticed that even though sure is eating a lot, he's losing weight. Today he threw up. Very worried about him and looking for some assistance on what test to do to find out what's wrong with him and keep cost down at the same time. I love but my husband lost his job and I did too! I very much hate that I have to keep cost down at a time when he needs help so please any help I really would appreciate I want to help my baby. Like I said he eats a lot, seems to drink a lot of water, is going to the bathroom a lot, and today he threw up!! Thank you very much
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