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CRF Cat Still Losing Weight :(

I thought I'd pose my query in the new forum instead of my other thread.

All Sampson's tests came back great. The vet said the sub Q's are making
a difference. I don't have the numbers, I plan to get a copy when I go
in this week for his fluid refill.

She wanted to do a full workup to see if there was something we are missing.

He has a good appetite. If I open a pouch or a can, he's waiting by the bowl.
Many times, he's there before I am.

He's down to 10 pounds, 3 ounces. His whole body is so bony.

His diet is still the Wellness pouches and canned. I am considering doing
a cooked ( not raw) diet. It would certainly help finance wise and I
could control what's going in.

Would that be any better? I've seen many raw diets online but not many cooked. I wonder about the phosphorous levels.

He looked so much better a year ago. I wish he could be like that again.

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