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Love4himies;850663]Have you noticed any mucous on the fecal matter?[/QUOTE]
nope, no mucous

Originally Posted by beckiandthetrio
I think what it really is gonna come down to is the food?? What are u feeding and is it canned or dry or both??

Ive had issues with the anal glands too with my male cat. I had the vet express them out and he has been pretty good since. I also added some canned pumpkin to his diet to keep his stool normal. When they have a normal poop that should be expressing the anal gland naturally.

Anyhow, Im sure more people will give better advice but the food issue i think is key here.

lol again it's Iams dry weight control as of right now, and yeah maybe pumpkin may help with his stool although I've never heard of pumpkin helping, may I ask where you learned about that?
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