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I tend to agree with you growler ..........I would like to see what would happen under normal living conditions rather than sterile lab setup.

Case in point...........this morning I was making cat food from scratch ...........I had my Cornish Hens sitting on the counter ready to be cut up and I grabbed my butcher knife and the steel to sharpen the knife. On the third pass I had my crew of 3 supervisors waiting for treats already........ so it's not just the smells that draw them, it's the sounds of food prep that they relate to as well.

That video on feeding the cats that you posted would be a great idea if it was designed to work with wet foods. If you happen to see anything that would work that way, let me know.

Hazel regards to JD and Dusty...barfing, have you tried raising their bowls a couple of inches off the floor? I had the same trouble years ago with our late Shadow. He would suck up his kibble so quick that before he had emptied the dish, he would deposit everything back into the dish and walk away disgusted.

I spoke to a vet about the problem and he said that cats are not designed to eat the way we feed them. Their physical being does not allow for them to stand up to eat......mostly they are in a squat position or laying devour their prey. By raising their food dish up a couple of inches off the floor, produces the required stance, so that food doesn't have to go uphill - so to speak - in order to reach the stomach.

It stops the action of food building up in the throat - the asophigus - spelling. This worked for me so I have been doing it for years now.........all kitties have their food dishes elevated and very seldom do we have an upchuck.
What I use is a small plastic food saver container with the lid...which is about 2 inches high....and put some washed gravel in it for weight. Put the dish on top of that and it works great.

Sorry for the letter, but hope it is a useful one.
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