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Fleas... issue and question

Hi everyone.

I have a question...

I feed the stray cats on my back patio, I also have cat shelters (3) and a heated water bowl for them. Everything is neat and tidy.
My downstairs neighbour who complains all the time about everything told me today that his dog had gotten fleas from the cats that pass in the stairs and come to my patio. His dog is never outside, except for doing his business in the back, the dog then comes back up the stairs and goes inside his house.
Now he tells me that it's the cats that gave him fleas!
That the fleas possibly 'jumped on his dog' while a cat was passing on his way to my feeding stations...

I seriously doubt it's the outdoor cats who gave it fleas. I have 2 oitdoor cats who come on my patio.

|What is your opinion about this...

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