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Welcome to, irzi. You're the second Slovenian I've seen here in the last little while...dobrodošli .

One of our dogs had severe separation anxiety and the information/exercises we found in these two books helped us immensely: I'll Be Home Soon by Patricia McConnell and Don't Leave Me by Nicole Wilde. I purchased my copies through . Not sure if they would ship to Slovenia but you can always give it a try.

It's taken us years to help him overcome his separation issues but, our guy is much better now. We still can't leave him for more than 4-5 hours by himself but, at least he's no longer destructive nor does he howl up a storm (he only starts now when I come home and drive into the garage, lol). One thing that was not mentioned in the books but that we noticed makes a difference here...if I'm the last one to leave the house, our dog has a much more difficult time adjusting to being alone. If it's my husband or one of our sons that are the last to leave, he does much better.

I wouldn't confine your girl in any sort of crate until you know 100% that she won't try to escape. If she wants out, she'll find a way and the chances of injury are too great.
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