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hello emcee:
I know where you're coming from as far as location is concerned. We have the same problem living where we are. If I was in your position, I would be trying to find an integrative vet that I could work with long distance - preferably over the telephone to some degree. There seems to be things lost using a computer.
Maybe with luck, one of our members in your area has had some good experience with a vet and can recommend one that you can contact and set up a long distance conference in order to establish diets.
I've included a web site that has a good list of homeopathic doctors in Canada and elsewhere. One I could recommend would be Walden Animal Clinic - Dr Rod Jouppi - in Lively, Ontario, outside Sudbury. It has been years since I had him for a vet, but I found him excellent.
I would make sure that I have the recent blood/urine work reports that could be submitted if requested by the vet. The other thing you might do is just send emails to some of the vet's offices and ask questions - whether they would look after your problem long distance. We did this with a vet in Quebec outside Sherbrooke, but she has since moved and is no longer practising. Hopefully this might give you some ideas.
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