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Our little girl, Clementine, made it through the night & the vet told me this morning that she has passed the critical stage! That being said, she is not out of the woods, but her prospects look good!
She had zero bloody stool last night & minimal vomiting with no blood!
Our vet said that we caught it early & that it was not the mutated F-strain - thank God...
She was very happy to see us last night, she stood right up & wagged her tail & gave my daughter nose kisses!
I kept telling her how loved she is, how tough she is & how many frisbees she will be able to chase real soon! Not too mention antagonizing our 13 year old feline queen of the house - Luna!
This morning she was very groggy due to the drug that slows down vomiting, but her vitals are good, her heart is strong & she doesn't seem to be in pain.
Our vet, Dr. Benjamin Joseph, has been great throughout this ordeal.
He said he would be introducing water & food later this afternoon after her fog lifts a little. If she responds well, we may be able to take her home tomorrow & start home care!
Please keep up w/ the prayers & healing vibes, she needs them.
Thank you sincerely for your support folks, it is comforting to know that people care.
One more thought - I am doing an ozone (O3) shock in my house today (sans Luna of course!) to kill the residual virus. I have done much research over the last few days, & studies show that ozone destroys this virus as much, if not more effectively, then bleach. It also kills mold & other airborne bacteria too. Please keep this in mind if you or anyone you know needs to sanitize your homes in the future - hopefully not because of parvo - it is a hideous 'plague'...
thanks again!
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