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While I agree that it could have been someones cat that got out and got hit by a car, I don't think you should put up any posters. Instead, you should just keep a lookout for posters yourself. If the previous owner actually wants the cat back, they would put up posters themselves. You could always call around to the local shelters and ask if anyone has come in looking for the cat.

The vet should scan for a chip I hope. If the cat is not chipped, no collar or anything then she legally has a right to adopt the cat after a certain amount of time if no one is looking for the cat.

If she takes it to the vet and it isn't spayed or shows sighs of long term neglect then I wouldn't even bother looking for the original owners.

When I find strays I just keep them It's mostly because I know these cats were born to feral cats to begin with, and those feral cats came from people throwing their pet cats out like garbage. I never make an effort to find the original owner of any of my strays unless I plan to call the SPCA on them for abandonment.
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