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Hello from Washington!!!

I have 2 dogs, 10 chickens and 2 cats. For the most part all my animals get along, except my chiweenie has a feather fetish and if left unattended will defeather my birds). But for the cats and dogs they love eachother, sleep together and get along. My boyfriend who does not live with us, but takes his dog with him everywhere, has a ****zpoo, who is almost a year. His dog constantly chases my cats and now they refuse to enter the house if they are over, and sniffs and humps both dogs, constantly takes their toys and bones and shows aggression if they are taken away from him. Neither of my dogs do this. Any ideas how to get this behavior under control? As much as I love my BF I am starting to not love his dog. He sees no issue with this behavior and says his dog will grow out of it. This is my pets home and his dog is a visitor.Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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