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I will ask if the blue/green substance was an antibiotic spray. This may be the case. Also yes, she does seem to be getting back to her normal behavior. She does not sleep more than usual, has normal appetite, has normal stool etc. The incision seems a little red, but there is no discharge. She did not react when i gently touched it, I assume this means it is not sore or painful for her. Hopefully its just a case of the site looking messy, and hopefully she is fine internally. I will have another vet look at her tomorrow asap. At this point I just don't want to return to the vet that did the procedure. Her lack of interest in speaking to me and leaving me with staff that couldnt speak english makes it so that I can not continue a relationship with her. I feel she should have told me herself how the surgery went, what to expect, advice for after care etc. Hopefully tomorrows vet will be more helpful.
Thanks again to Dr.Lee, your opinion is greatly appreciated.
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