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The bandage is unusual but sometimes this is may have also been placed to protect such a large incision. While most incisions are much smaller, even the most experienced veterinarian will occasionally have a very large incision. The lack off communication by the veterinarian is very distressing. This is especially so because she knows her staff does not speak English.

I am wondering if the blue/green/teal colored stuff that can be rubbed off is a type of antibiotic spray. I would ask.

It sounds like despite the long incision, despite the bandage and strange color and despite the non-communicative vet, that Zoey is feeling well? Is this correct? I get worried for post-op spay patients if there is lethargy, loss of appetite, fever, any discharge from the incision or anything out of the ordinary. The good news is that incisions heal "side too side" and not "end to end" so if all has gone well internally, then she should be fine ar 14 days post op.

Last item, the debris... If you have a large incision that you bandage over, you will get small blood oozing which dries like small coffee grounds. Could this be the dirt and debris that you saw?

I hope this helps.
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