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The blue/green looks like bruising and, while not unusual, it does look a bit excessive. Personally, I've never seen such a long incision (max. 5-6 stitches on all our female fosters) but, the actual incision site on your pup does look clean (from what I could tell of the photo). Please limit her activity for at least 10 days (no jumping, running, off-leash activity). Take her outdoors on leash for short periods of time and if she's rather active indoors, you can keep her on leash as well if you don't have a crate.

Monitor the incision site several times a day and keep an eye out for yellow/green discharge which would indicate an infection. If this happens, or if the area starts to swell, turns red, and is hot to the touch, please have her seen by a vet asap. If you have a topical anti-septic solution on hand such as Betadine (found at a pharmacy), you can gently apply it with a sterile gauze several times per day to keep the area clean. Keep your pup from licking and scratching.

Is she otherwise behaving normally? Eating and drinking as usual? Normal stools?
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