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In over 50 years I've never had a Vet put a bandage on one of my spayed cats or dogs. And certainly never a sticky bandage for any wound on fur. IS there any other Vet you can go to? I really have no idea what to tell you on how to proceed. One thing, was it actually the Vet who did this? Imean the bandage. Or an assisstant. Perhaps the Vet does not know the state your pup was in at discharge? Perhaps you should let this Vet know what you have found.

Not meant to make you panic, all sounds OK right now. Like you, I'd be afraid of causing irritation. The little shirt is a good idea. Hopefully some other folks will be along soon with experiences and ideas.

ETA: No, I correct myself. The dirt at the incision does not sound good at all. I'd be calling the Vet or finding another one.
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