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Better to find a group of dogs (without puppies) who he knows and likes to play with. If these people are all friends maybe they can work something out.

But to say it only happens occasionally and there can be bites or blood involved, is rather like saying my kid can sorta drive but occasionally there is an accident on sometimes there is blood and injuries. So do you keep giving the kid the keys to the car? Nope.

His respect for his person needs work, and she needs to find a good trainer to help her.

Is is very real that some dogs don't like puppies and never will. You probably don't like everyone you meet. Hopefully you are still polite to them. This dog needs to learn that he doesn't have to like everyone but he does need to have good manners.

One of the very real problems with this situation is that he is being allowed to bully puppies and not only can he really hurt one but he is also setting them on the road to fear and possible future aggression down the road. It becomes a terrible cycle which can be stopped with good training, management and being a responsible dog person.
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