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This ones for you Love4Himmies

We all have our definitions of heros or those we wish to honour. Today I wish to thank L4H and her DH for stepping up and helping many concerned people get the pittie to safety.

Without question or concern L4H eagerly took to the request. She was so easy to work with and never flinched. I was told by my contact that I MUST meet her as she is a wonderful human being...yes even in person!.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart in helping to get this deserving girl to safety. Because of you L4H - the transport was fulfilled and this girl will no longer have the shadow of death lingering over her head.

Equally there were other people that stepped up within rescue and they as well are to be thanked and honored.

Bless you all....and a special thank you to a new friend.
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