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Cole taught himself this lesson (video)

Hmmm...I don't have any stills that come to mind that would fit. (Hey, I never said I had any pics! )

However, I just posted this video in Grace's thread before seeing this one--and it actually applies. Sorry, Frenchy...I know you won't be able to see it. :sad:

Anyway, just to give the rest of you some background--I use hand and voice signals when training. One day, I was working with Cole, hand-signal only, and messed up the "roll over" signal. I did it vertically instead of horizontally (you'll understand when you see the video).

The Sheriff cocked his head to the side, and thought about it a few seconds. "I'll invent my own trick!" he barked. And Cole's "dance" was born!

He invented it all on his own and is very proud of it, so don't laugh at him. That's hazel's job!

Without further ado, "Cole's trick":

You'll notice that the two actions done by Cole are quite similar, but one is vertical and one is horizontal--just like the two hand signals! What a smart, logical boy that Sheriff is! (Handsome, too! )
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