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cat hairballs - advice please

hi y'all.

just wondering if there is an alternative to giving my long-haired beauty, punkin, tonic lax every day. a few weeks ago, she had miserable diarrhea, which we eventually discovered was caused by an impacted hairball that she finally managed to throw up at the vet's (she reacted so strongly to being pilled for the first time that she hacked it up as a result - her diarrhea improved almost immediately after that, so thankfully i didn't have to medicate her for loose stools).

anyway, i was told giving her the tonic lax the odd time wasn't enough (which is what i had been doing), i should give it daily, plus i also bought her some cat grass (she doesn't seem too interested in it, but i will give that some more time). i was just wondering if there is something i can mix in with her food on a daily basis that will ensure she eliminates hairballs. she gets merrick's canned at breakfast and supper, and purina EN dry at lunchtime - i would like to find something i can mix in with her canned.

i appreciate the advice!!

tracy (mom) jimmy (dad) cline patsy and punkin
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