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Originally Posted by twodogsandacat
Good news. Please keep us updated.

Does the vet provide any 'special' rates for your rescue?

Yes, our vet does 'subsidize' our rates for us. In fact, she has often gone 'above & beyond' the call of duty to help us out in a pinch and has never pressured for payment.

We recently had a Pet Fair at her clinic and SOS MIOW was the only non-profit rescue who helped with the organization (flyers, soliciting for sponsorship, issuing press releases, etc). When all was said and done, the surplus will be given to SOS MIOW to help us continue our work.

Cases like this one (little July) are what real rescue is all about. If that poor little creature had not purred or shown a scrap of will to live, the decision would probably have been made to humanely put her down and save our monetary resources for others in need. I have never been one to go overboard on any one particular rescue (keeping in mind that there are hundreds & thousands out there suffering); however, this sweet creature is the epitome of what the July 1st moving madness is all about re pet abandonment.

I will document her progress and continue to take photos as she, hopefully, improves. I can honestly say that she is not suffering, she is comfortable and resting, hopefully regaining her strength. July had her second dose of 100 cc's of saline this evening and her antibiotic.

It is now 1:15 am and she has used her litter box to urinate. She is lying on her side, breathing steadily. Strange, but she has never closed her eyes.

Sorry if I don't report too often, I am also helping the lady with 29 cats to place (see topic on DDO lady), and giving on-line support to a foster mother who has taken Ziggy.

Keep praying ladies ...... the next 24 hours are crucial.
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