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Update on July

First, thank you for all your support and caring comments.

Our vet met me at her clinic at 10:00 am this morning and actually expressed a look of shock when she saw the state that this poor creature is in. She is a full-grown adult around 3-5 yrs old and weighs 3.8 lbs (the equivalent of a 3.5 month old kitten). This is an adult female that has very long legs, long tail and long body (what's left of it).

A very thorough examination came up with the following:
One very small kidney/one somewhat small kidney.
Good heart rate.
Slightly below normal temperature.
Very white gums.
High level of dehydration to the point where her eyes are so deeply recessed that bodily fluids had leaked out through the sockets (hold on to your lunch, ladies).

(At this point, due to her extreme condition, blood tests would be inconclusive, but the vet hopes July will be around to have them done sometime next week to determine the extent of any kidney damage. This is assuming that she is only suffering from malnutrition/dehydration and not something else completely).

All evening (until 2:00 am), I had been force-feeding her a mixture of cat milk, soft food and water. It was always an effort, and the most I could get into her each time was approx 2 ml's. Anything more than that (i.e., a second squirt of the syrings), and she would clench her teeth and let is run back out of her mouth. However, in desperation, I opened a tin of Paris Pate and she dove into it and ate two small bites on her own! No diahrea or vomiting and there was a small urine mark in her litter box (about the size of a quarter) this morning.

I gave the entire story to the vet, and following her examination, asked what the prognosis is for her. Because our vet knows our budget is not very big for other than standard medical care (i.e., vaccinations, sterilization, etc)., she said that there is a chance July will make it and, after giving her 100 cc's hydration and a shot of antibiotics, sent me home all equipped to treat her myself. (Must do some fundraising, as today cost me over $150 and if she makes it to Wednesday or Thursday, we are looking at blood tests).

July will be getting 100 cc's hydro twice a day in two different locations (very difficult, as her skin is attached to her bones), and antibiotics once a day. Back to the messy force-feeding as well.

I have spent most of the day in the garage with her (I had to clean out the clutter from having moved myself in June), and she is resting comfortably. Every so often, she gets up and wobbles to the door of the cage and purrs. After approx. 60 seconds of activity, she needs to rest.

July is not out of the woods yet. Force-feeding is a major battle, and it's not going to be easy to insert the tube for hydration.

Believe me when I say that the pictures make her look better than she does in person (if she is standing and you look down on her, she is about 1" wide between her loins). I am going to put a write-up on our website with more pix and will most certainly do an article for the local papers.

July is absolutely filthy; she must have slept in gardens/hedges, and even though I have tried to sponge her face and body, she is full of grime. I'm sure she was a beautiful cat before this ordeal.

Keep praying ......
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