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Originally Posted by Love4himies View Post
Vets are brainwashed by the manufacturing companies. In Canada, they get very little nutritional training.

Any vet with some common sense would not feed a cat kibble. Cats on kibble diets are chronically dehydrated. Imagine feeding your children crackers and having them get all their fluids by licking up water with their tongue.

Also, why in the world would any carnivore be fed corn? potatoes? wheat? meat byproducts? Have vets really taken a look at the ingredients of the food they sell and ask themselves if this is healthy for a carnivore to be eating? I doubt it .
Ok so I was running out of food, and I thought I would call the vet just to inquire to what the next step would be in their opinion....

High Fibre Dry Kibble....

I think I am going to ignore the vets suggestion, and go to Global and try some Grain Free Wet first, see if that helps, if not I'll go back to the vet. Now he is eating, and settled, I think it is time to look for a long term plan for him, and after everything you have told me, I don't think High Fibre Dry Kibble is the answer!!
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