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Originally Posted by scottyxx View Post
Great I have a Global right next to my house!!

Of course I want to spend money on keeping him healthy, but $2 a can for a tiny can, when he needs like 3 -4 a day and then extra since the other cat munches it too, is going to put his food bill higher then my own lol.
In addition to Felidae (grain free flavours), Wellness Grain Free, Nature's Variety, Instinct (my favourite), Weruva.

I've just read your thread about your sick kitty. I HIGHLY recommend not feeding your cat a fibre diet, as it is filled with carbs that may just irritate the colon further. I posted a link in your other thread that talks about fibre diets for cats. A cat's natural fibre is bone, not grain.

Oh, I forgot to mention to try sprinkling a bit of Slippery Elm Bark to help soothe the colon. It should be used in conjunction with wet food and even better to add a couple of teaspoons of water to the food.
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