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Originally Posted by Creamsicle'sMom View Post
My cat was given a dose of Convenia last Tuesday for a cold. By last Wednesday night he was mouth breathing and dead by Thursday morning. I've cried for a week and just checked the vet's receipt to learn what exactly he was given. Convenia is for skin infections, not a respiratory infection. I think he went into a severe reaction from it. I read about Convenia's contraindications ans side effects. One of them is anaphylaxis.

I intend to go to the vet and let them get an earful from me. Not only was the cat killed, but I paid them $154 for that. The I paid another $137 to have him cremated thru that same vet's office. Not only have I been ripped off, but he's DEAD and I can't stop crying. And my birthday is tomorrow - as if it can't get more pitiful...I'm using the anger for energy.

By the way, I'm in DE and this is from VCA in Glasgow. Watch out.
I' so sorry to hear about your cat. I have a very similar story. My cat was diagnosed with dermatitis. He was given and injection of Convenia and Depo he developed breathing problems and tremors 2 hours after. He seemed comatosed and couldn't eat although he was drinking loads. Took him back to the vet next day and they did a blood test but with the injections in his system it came back inconclusive. Seven days after the Convenia he had to be put to sleep because of an odema and enlarged heart. He was so weak it wa pitiful. The Pathology report also said he was severely anaemic. The anaemia seemed to have developed very quickly because he was not anaemic 2 days before the injections as he was examined by the vet. I suspect Convenia may have contributed to his decline so please be very careful and avoid any injections if at all possible. I have lost a very lovely cat and I have been crying every day for a couple of months now. I'll never be the same again.
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