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I do think he has "rock solid" obedience commands. I'll try it......

Yes he does but he tries to lick me when I lay down. This is very, very, funny!

I'm just kind of wondering about the tug of war though. My dog doesn't challenge me now. He might have tried to challenge me a while ago, or it might have been just a hard stage of puppyhood. I'm not sure what it was, but could it have been the tugofwar game that we used to play?

Yes, Bentley loves to play with balls. We used to have a hard time getting him to fetch, but after a long time, the hard work paid off! We'll try some of these excersizes, but Bentley is trained to come back to me, which is ingrained so much into his head, that we'll have to work on this only a little bit. Also, we do the "find it", which we do sometimes, only we do it with toys.

Bentley also loves to go down slides. Hahaha. We always amaze the little kids at the park.

We also do hand signals.
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