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I do like Lucky...
Also, does she like tug, toys or balls? You can incorporate those to make it more of a game, so she has to do something in order to fetch, or get a quick tug game, or whatever.

Another thing I'm doing is teaching hand signals, and distance signals. So I throw something, when the dog is coming back, I can give him a hand signal to down (in competition parlance this is called "drop on recall.") It's funny how you almost have to re-teach a command when you're 30' away, it's not the same as doing it when you're right in front of them! These are not adding commands, just changing the context.

I've also recently found a really good playground & park; during the winter there's rarely anyone there. So I'm teaching the dogs tricks on playground equipment now!

Of course there's always organised activities you can take classes for in fun, like tracking, agility, flyball, etc.
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